Governing Documents 

As part of your escrow closing, you should have received copies of our governing by-laws and covenants. If you need additional copies you will find them here.  Making major changes to the exterior of your home requires approval by the Executive Board.

Homeowner Association Fee

All property owners are required to pay annual dues.  The fees are currently $300 per household and residents are billed beginning January 1. This applies to developed and undeveloped properties. Association fees are used to maintain, repair and replace common areas, water, electricity, insurance, legal fees, etc.

General Membership Meetings

Our Executive Board consist of seven volunteer property owners: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and 3 At-Large Directors who are elected by resident membership for a two-year term. Meetings are held quarterly at Nelson County High School, Room 140.  You can find dates and times here.

Garbage Pickup

Garbage runs on Mondays. All garbage for curbside collection should be set out no sooner than 7:45 AM using 30 gallon containers (with covers) made from metal or plastic. Loose garbage bags are not acceptable. All garbage containers must be removed from the curb on the day of collection. You can contact the City of Bardstown at 348-5947 for more information.